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Website Features

You may have noticed the new look at MichaelaMcGregor.com. No, I’m not fickle. The mobile version was awful, so I had to switch again. But it has it’s perks. Along with the new look comes lots of goodies.

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  • Member services include forums, groups, profiles, friends, Twitter-like follows, member galleries/albums for all types of media, member activity walls, public and private messaging. Sign in and the links will drop down from the welcome message bar..
  • Social login: login to MichaelaMcGregor.com using your favorite social site.
  • Page notices: A red bar with a message will appear at the top of the screen for special messages concerning that page. Click the X to dismiss it.
  • Cheveyo Series character profiles. Follow or friend them for their activity and posts.
  • Fun Stuff is full of polls and quizzes for members and guests alike. More will be added soon.

Beta Readers Needed!

The first draft of Ring of Truth is complete. I am working on rewrites at the moment but before I can publish, I need a few beta readers. Don’t know what a beta reader is? They are everyday people that volunteer to read the ‘beta’ copy of a book before it’s published and tell the author what they think. They offer constructive criticism on everything from grammar to the plot or even the cover. You don’t need any special knowledge or talent. You just have to be willing to say what you think. If you read Truth’s Evil Light, that is a bonus but not strictly necessary. If you’re interested, click here and leave a reply. Thanks!

Michaela McGregor

Enter Cheveyo's World

Ring of Truth Coming Soon!

Ring of Truth

Time alone does not heal all wounds. Sometimes it just makes them fester.

Protests and riots are featured every night on the news. Since the Zephyri Treaty, human reactions to the revelation that monsters and magic do exist, range from horror to rapture. A few ostriches claim that it’s all a hoax. But when tempers flare, murder and mayhem are inevitable.

Even with the use of magic, the Zephyri are out of time as well. With the discovery of a gruesome murder, the Interspecies Crime unit is called in two weeks early to investigate. It’s just the beginning.

Chevy’s out of time too. She can’t sleep. She can’t eat. She can’t think of anything except what she sees when she closes her eyes. She’s put off choosing between Aspen and Kegan, talking to Eryx about her memories and looking into who hired the assassins that broke into her apartment. All she sees is the dream. A little girl, alone in the dark, dying again and again and again.

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